Why I started a blog.

One of my New Year resolutions for 2015 is to be committed to keeping a journal.  I have had this “resolution” in the past but never seem to keep up with it.  I mentioned this to my daughter Tori and she encouraged me to keep a blog.  I think she has some motivation as on more than one occasion she has stated that I fill up her Face Book news feed with my post.

I will be using this blog to tell stories about home school, my family, Africa, and most importantly how I see and feel God moving in our lives.

This blog is not about how many readers or “likes” ( I don’t know if “like” is a blog thing or not) I get.  It’s about sharing and keeping all of the stories/information in one spot.  If God uses it to speak to others..WONDERFUL.  If that’s not what His intention is, WONDERFUL too.  HIS will be done!!!

Very excited to begin this journey.  God Bless and here’s to keeping a New Year resolution.



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