The “F” word


I am reminded of a devotion that one of my dearest mentors/friends, Darlene, led in Africa.  Darlene said, “tonight I am going to do my devotion on fear”.  I blurted out….the other “f” word!  Heads turned, but truly it is fear that holds us back from our purpose…if we let it.

I always love Darlene’s devotion time because we get to do things like meditate and draw.  Darlene had us fold a piece of paper in half and draw things that we were fearful of on one side.  One of the many things I adore about Darlene is she makes you believe you can do anything…like draw.  I remembering drawing a picture of me leaving for Africa and my ten-year old throwing up. I drew more things but that is the only one that stuck with me.

It was very interesting as we went around the room and each of us talked about our fears.  It was a miracle that we were all sitting in a room on a different continent.  Each of us had to face different fears and pushed through them so that we were all sitting in that room at that time. Exactly the way the creator of the universe planned.

In the past I would have dwelled on my fears and never made it to Africa.  The “what if’s”.  What if my kids get sick, what if there is an accident, what if I die there, what if , what if.  what if. Fear, fear, fear.

On the other half of the paper Darlene had us draw things that we loved. Most of us drew our family, something to represent Christ, some drew the continent of Africa.  Then she had us fold our paper so that the love side was on top of the fear side, so that love covered fear.  1 John 4:18-There is no fear in love.  But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.  Ahhhhh…the perfect love.  Jesus Christ, the voice of TRUTH.  The one who died for us because we were worth it, not because we earned it and we certainly did not deserve it.  God sent His son to the cross because he loves us that much.  The perfect love…the ultimate sacrifice.

As the days pass and we wait.  We wait for the news of medical reports for loved ones, we wait to hear for the news that Ebola has been contained, we wait to see which way our country will go next, we wait to see if we can finally kick that addiction that bothers no one as much as ourselves.  Are we going to be filled with anxiety and fear?  Or are we going to allow our Jesus to cover us in HIS perfect love?

My prayer today is that each of us remember what God says…that you are worth it and so am I.  Let the perfect love cover our fears.



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