Dear Woman in Black


Dear Woman in Black,

Hello, my name is Karen and I am a Christ follower.  You may not have seen me in the store with my ten-year old daughter today,  my heart hopes you didn’t.  This letter is an apology to you.  You see, while I would have denied it up until today, I realized that I have let this world taint my heart.  When I saw you in your traditional clothing, unable to see anything except your eyes, I was filled with fear.

You see, dear woman in black, when I saw you I couldn’t get my daughter out of the store fast enough.  I kept thinking things like ISIS/terrorism and felt the need to protect myself and my daughter.  It is with shame that I admit that perhaps, after searching my heart, I have been racist.  If I am being truly honest, I would take that perhaps out of the previous sentence.

Dear woman in black, if you did see the fear in my eyes, I hope you did not see the cross around my neck.  As a Christ follower, I strive to live as Jesus did.  Jesus would not have looked at you with fear, He would have looked at you with love.  He died on the cross for you too.  That’s how much HE loves you.

You left the store shortly after my daughter and I.  We were in the parking lot when I saw you walking out of the store with your two small children.  They were beautiful by the way.  In that moment I knew I was wrong.  I knew we were probably more alike than different.

I wish you the best in this life dear woman in black.  I know it’s a hard time to be you in America.  I am praying for boldness and confidence to show you how much Jesus loves you and your children next time I see you.  When I see you looking my way I pray for the courage to forget what the world says and look right into your eyes and smile.  If I ever get that opportunity again I pray you will see my smile and our Jesus.

I will be praying over your family dear woman in black.



2 thoughts on “Dear Woman in Black

  1. I love your transparent honesty. I’m sure you aren’t the first or last person to ever feel that way, even if it isn’t like Jesus. The first step is recognizing and giving yourself grace after you admit the issue and change course. May you, and the lady in black, be blessed!


  2. Reblogged this on Because you're worth it and so am I and commented:

    I do not fall into the far right conservative or the far left liberal, I am human on this earth with other human’s. A few years ago I was faced with my own biased regarding the Muslim community. If I had not had the experience, I would have never believed that I held such fear in my heart. Hopefully these words move someone today. Peace.


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