Social media and Jesus

Oh how it breaks my heart when I see “Christians” blowing up social media with God’s laws.  Brothers and Sisters do you not remember that the veil has been removed?  That when our Jesus died on the cross there is a new covenant?  That OUR hearts are the letter from Christ?  Not written with ink but with the Spirit of the LIVING God? ( 2 Corinthians:3-You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God,not on tablets of stone but on the tablets of human hearts).

I urge you to let Christ’s light shine.  Speak of your transformation in Jesus Christ, speak of how having the Holy Spirit live inside you has changed EVERYTHING about the way you view the world. Shout about the peace in your heart that is worth more than ANYTHING this world can give. Tell the world that our Jesus died because they are worth it!  Brothers and sisters, that is how we win souls.  Not by informing each other that we have sat in the judgment seat and know who is and who is not going to hell.  Need we be reminded of Paul, who pretty much sounds like someone from ISIS was transformed and changed the world?  Spend time with our Jesus before going on a social media rant that could indeed damage the kingdom instead of growing it.

Let us always remember before we go on a “what God says” rant to consult with our holy counselor first. Let us remember my dear brothers and sisters the first time that we really received the love of our Jesus and you believed that HE died because HE said we were worth it?   Then as time passed HE lovingly wrapped HIS arms around us and said “If you want God’s best you are going to have to change a few things.  Some of these things are going to take some time.  My child I will be with you the entire way and will never ever stop loving you.”  Don’t you remember what it felt like to be received just as you are?  If we truly want to grow the kingdom, lets post about HIS mercy.  Not our mercy, HIS mercy and HIS mercy is new every day!!!

Please do not mistake this blog as a note saying God does not care if we sin.  Of course HE does.  There is a place to discuss and wrestle with God’s word.  If we do feel called to “discuss” a matter we must do it without the veil.  Allow the Holy Spirit to shine so bright that the grace and acceptance of our Jesus can not be denied.  Let others be loved into believing that we are more than conquers through HIM who loved us.  That there is NOTHING that can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus.  Then allow the holy spirit go to work in broken hearts.




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