Dear Woman in Black

I do not fall into the far right conservative or the far left liberal, I am human on this earth with other human’s. A few years ago I was faced with my own biased regarding the Muslim community. If I had not had the experience, I would have never believed that I held such fear in my heart. Hopefully these words move someone today. Peace.

Because you're worth it and so am I


Dear Woman in Black,

Hello, my name is Karen and I am a Christ follower.  You may not have seen me in the store with my ten-year old daughter today,  my heart hopes you didn’t.  This letter is an apology to you.  You see, while I would have denied it up until today, I realized that I have let this world taint my heart.  When I saw you in your traditional clothing, unable to see anything except your eyes, I was filled with fear.

You see, dear woman in black, when I saw you I couldn’t get my daughter out of the store fast enough.  I kept thinking things like ISIS/terrorism and felt the need to protect myself and my daughter.  It is with shame that I admit that perhaps, after searching my heart, I have been racist.  If I am being truly honest, I would take that perhaps out of…

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